New Track Theme Song for Weatherization Reform

Remember the Hip Hop you grew up listening to? You know music with a message? It seemed for a while to us-those of us from the "Boom Bap" era of the genre, that Hip Hop went missing, it's image was placed on a milk carton. Well I have an announcement to make, real Hip Hop has been sighted in Buffalo NY.

"No Heat" a new track produced by the National Fuel Accountability Coalition, is the theme song for the National Fuel Accountability Coalition's (of which PUSH Buffalo is a part of) Weatherization Campaign. "No Heat" explores the frustrations of the working poor in dealing with utility shutoffs in the winter (particularly gas, and lights) in Buffalo NY. Many people in the Buffalo area live in older, drafty housing. Quality, affordable weatherization would make the difference for not only many Buffalo area residents, but also for people living all throughout the State of New York!

You can catch the song being performed live on Monday November 19, 2012 10am-2pm in downtown Buffalo, more info here