Nov 10th, 2015 - Largest Fast Food Worker Walk Out in History


From The Coalition for Economic Justice 

"The Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ) will join the largest-ever strike to hit America’s fast-food industry on Nov. 10 – one year from Election Day – with walkouts planned for a record 270 cities, including Buffalo. Following the strike, fast-food, home care, and child care workers throughout Buffalo will protest outside of City Hall, joining underpaid workers in 500 cities nationwide to demand that elected leaders nationwide stand up for $15/hr and union rights.

The strike comes as Buffalo’s underpaid workers say they’ll be taking the Fight for $15 and union rights to the ballot box to show candidates of all political stripes that the nearly 64 million Americans paid less than $15/hr are a voting bloc that can no longer be ignored.

There are several opportunities to join with the CEJ, low wage workers, and allies tomorrow, Tuesday, November 10th to fight back against corporate greed:

1 - McDonald's (453 William St., Buffalo) at 10:15 am, joining with fast food workers who are demanding the right to unionize without retaliation and better working conditions.

2 - Waterfront Nursing Home (200 7th Street, Buffalo) at 2pm, where we will join forces with health care workers who are on an informational picket demanding better wages and working conditions.

3 - Buffalo City Hall (65 Niagara Square) at 3:45 pm, where we will declare -- along with 64 Million other people who make less than $15 an hour -- that we are $15 voters!"