Poverty Research Workshop, February 26

PPG is helping bring community groups and scholars together to better understand and address Buffalo's poverty crisis. Please join us at the Merriweather Library for a Poverty Research Workshop on February 26, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, followed by a social hour. Speakers include Dr. Kathryn Foster, University at Buffalo, Regional Institute Dr. Wende Mix, Buffalo State College, Geography Dr. Samina Raja, University at Buffalo, Planning Dr. Erin Robinson, Canisius College, Sociology Dr. Henry Taylor, University at Buffalo, Center for Urban Studies We will highlight existing research by local scholars, hear from community groups about their research needs, and brainstorm about how to meet those needs and facilitate more community-university collaborations on research that makes a difference. See www.wnyhomeless.org for more details. You can reserve a seat with Kristin Cipollone, cipollone@wnyhomeless.org. You can also propose topics for research projects, identify existing research to showcase at the workshop and put in our new poverty research library, and help us expand our directory of community-oriented scholars and community economic development directory.