Power Analysis at Harvest House

As hopefully everyone knows, We are in the midst of our Green Jobs and Housing Campaign and right now we have National Fuel in our sights. We want them to show some real investment in our neighborhoods by committing to help us weatherize 1,000 units in 2010. Part of the campaign is figuring out how strong we are, who can help us, and who won't help us. That's why we're teaming up with a couple other groups, VOICE Buffalo and NOAH (Niagara Organizing Alliance for Hope) to run what we call a Power Analysis. To do this successfully, we need all PUSH members to be there! The meeting is at Harvest House on 1782 Seneca Street in South Buffalo at 1p.m. We will be carpooling from the Grant St. library (271 Grant) at 12:30p.m. Don't miss it!