PPG Announces Community Agenda

Today, the Partnership for the Public Good (a coalition of Buffalo-based progressive organizations and a regional 'think and do' tank) announced its 2009 Community Agenda at a press event at the Merriweather Library on the East Side of Buffalo. There were many PUSH allies in attendance including the Coalition for Economic Justice as well as the Homeless Alliance of Western NY as well as various county and city legislators. The agenda of the press event including outlining the main themes of the 2009 Agenda which were: People, Place, and Governance. With goals like restoring progressivity and fairness in income taxes and encouraging 'block by block' revitalization,' PUSH believes in the strong necessity of PPG's Community Agenda. We were glad to see several legislators commit to the Agenda and PUSH is eager to follow up with those commitments to make sure real concrete change happens in our neighborhoods. Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted as progress is made on the shirts.