Press Conference Turns Up the Heat on National Fuel!

Last Sunday, June 27 about 40 PUSH members met at the corner of 15th and Hampshire St. and held a press conference to let National Fuel know that the high costs of heating bills are burying neighborhood residents. PUSH leaders and members spoke about community solutions to the problem of high heating bills and the need for PUSH and National Fuel to work together to lower neighborhood energy costs. The target of the conference was National Fuel CEO David Smith who has so far refused to meet with PUSH to discuss a potential partnership. According to a study published in Forbes Magazine, Buffalo has the 4th highest heating bills in the country. In addition, the vast majority of homes on the West Side are not weatherized. By partnering with National Fuel, PUSH would be able to create jobs by having homes weatherized. This initiative would not only lower heating bills, it would also open up green jobs to the community, lower energy use and protect the environment. Following the press conference, PUSH members put up 100 signs in order to "Turn Up the Heat on National Fuel". These signs demonstrate that the residents of the West Side of Buffalo are behind PUSH's efforts to meet with National Fuel and lower the heating bills crippling the West Side. These 100 signs will be followed by 400 more in the coming weeks. Check out some awesome media coverage on Channel 4 and Channel 7