Protest Planned Against $7.6 Billion NYS Nuclear Subsidy

By Alliance For a Green Economy

Albany - Over a hundred organizations, energy stakeholders, and over 15,000 New Yorkers have raised alarm over the New York State Public Service Commission’s proposal to give failing upstate nuclear plants approximately $7.6 billion in electricity consumers’ money over 12 years, increasing electricity bills across the state. By proposing this increase and subsidy to one nuclear corporation - Exelon - as part of the state’s Clean Energy Standard, the nuclear subsidy would be double the cost of what is proposed for renewable energy. Groups and advocates have questioned the state’s rationale and have been calling on Governor Cuomo and the Public Service Commission to consider other options, such as putting that Clean Energy Standard money toward real clean energy like energy efficiency, wind, and solar. This week, the Albany Times Union’s Editorial Board also called into question the wisdom of the nuclear bailout.  And yesterday, news broke that Exelon, the nuclear energy company that would get the entire $7.6 billion subsidy, has agreed to purchase ConEd’s energy retail business, raising concerns that Exelon is quickly assembling an energy monopoly in New York: controlling an unprecedented share of the state’s electricity supply, supported by massive direct subsidies, and reducing competition in the electricity retail market while acquiring ConEd Solutions’ statewide customer base.

Groups are planning to protest the $7.6 billion nuclear bailout and subsidy at the August 1 Public Service Committee meeting in Albany. They say the Governor and the Public Service Commission cannot ignore the 15,000 New Yorkers, who submitted public comments on the Clean Energy Standard, voicing strong opposition to the proposed nuclear subsidies and demanding renewable energy.

When: Protesters will begin gathering before the Monday August 1, Public Service Commission meeting, which starts at 10:30am. Exact time to be announced.  

Where: Empire State Plaza, Agency Building 3, Albany, NY

Who: New York environmental and consumer advocacy organizations, advocates and residents

What: New Yorkers to protest the $7.6 billion nuclear subsidy and bailout at the NYS Public Service Commission meeting on the Clean Energy Standard.

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