PSC Chairman Brown Meets with NFG Accountability Coalition Leadership

PUSH, VOICE Buffalo, NOAH and our amazing partners statewide (shout out to VOCAL, CVH, SUN and NWBCCC!) in the New York Stimulus Alliance went to Albany last week to deliver a petition to the Public Service Commission for a public hearing. We've been calling for a public hearing around National Fuel's Conservation Incentive Program (CIP) since last year because even though customers pay for CIP, customers aren't seeing its impact! CIP don't work for me! As the agency responsible for regulating utilities in New York, the Public Service Commission has a responsibility to help us hold National Fuel accountable. When we arrived at the PSC offices in Albany with our petition, Commissioner Garry Brown met with our leadership right away and agreed to help us hold National Fuel accountable. He will work towards holding a Public Hearing around CIP in Buffalo and ask David Smith to meet with the National Fuel Accountability Coalition. PUSH members are confident that Chairman Brown will use his power to help us achieve a just solution to the energy crisis in our communities. What a victory!