PSC Rejects Shared Renewables

The New York State Department of Public Service has recently rejected calls for low-income New Yorkers to have access to shared renewables or shared renewable energy. The NYS Energy Democracy Alliance of which PUSH Buffalo is a part had been working to get low income folks a seat at the high utility bill table, but it looks like big energy won this round. That's ok because we'll be back. The struggle for our energy future continues.

See stories via: Public News Service and SNL

"The Public Service Commission has rejected proposals for helping low-income New Yorkers participate in shared renewable energy.

.Anthony Giancatarino, director of policy and strategy at the Center for Social Inclusion, part of the Energy Democracy Alliance, says the PSC's report, originally due months ago, was finally released on Monday, and none of its recommendations had been accepted.

"They dismissed it, leading to a very business-as-usual default, and said that they will put together a white paper that actually will look toward utility controlled solutions as the answer," he states."

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"The staff of the New York Department of Public Service has suspended efforts to identify barriers for low-income customer participation in community distributed generation as part of the state's Shared Renewables initiative.

To the disappointment of renewable advocates and community activists, DPS staff in a long-anticipated Aug. 15 report concluded that "workable solutions have not arisen that would overcome those barriers" preventing low-income customers from using more renewables for generating power."

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