As the warmer months prepare to spring up on us again, here's a reminder about our PUSH Blue initiative which is becoming a growing social enterprise for our community


Stormwater Management

Green Infrastructure

Sustainable Landscaping


Who we are:

PUSH Blue is a full-service, community-based Sustainable Landscaping contractor that specializes in Storm-water Management and Green Infrastructure projects. We focus our work on projects that are responsible to our communities, our clients, our workers, and our environment.

PUSH began working on Green Infrastructure installations in its West Side Green Development Zone in 2009 including rain gardens, green roofs, and bioswales.  Following the success of our neighborhood-scale projects, PUSH Blue was established in 2013 effectively creating a crew of talented people to address the sustainable landscaping needs in and around Buffalo.

PUSH Blue brings expertise, experience, and a thorough understanding of sustainable design and implementation to every project that we undertake.  Every member of our crew receives training and education to support holistic consideration and implementation of each of our projects.

Contact us to see how the work that we do can benefit your home, business, or other projects!

For more information about PUSH Blue please contact Maris Grundy at 716-882-2672 or email maris@pushbuffalo.org