PUSH Buffalo Annual Meeting 2011

Step right up, come one, come all! See the might of Net Zero and his incredible shrinking utility bill! Watch the Bearded Green Zone Lady revitalize a half city block. Observe gas company executives do the death defying tight rope walk. See the clowns and fire eaters, play the wonderful games, and see the magician's tricks. Women and men, boys and girls circus time is here! Once a year, the PUSH Buffalo Board of Directors reports on all the community power that we have built throughout the past year. Everything from our potential partnering with National Fuel to our campaign to get the Massachusetts Avenue Park fixed up will be discussed at the meeting for this year. We will also update members about how our Net Zero House is developing, and our progress in the Green Development Zone on Massachusetts Avenue. This year's annual meeting takes place on May 28, 2011, 3pm at the Grant St. Neighborhood Center. PUSH Buffalo members will vote on the plans for the coming year. With our circus theme for the meeting members are encouraged to dress appropriately in their best costumes.