PUSH Buffalo Member Profile: Shawn Davis

1.Why did you become involved with PUSH Buffalo? SD: I didn't like the fact that privatized corporations take advantage of working class people. Working class people become victims of a system designed for big corporations and the system is without accountability. 2.How long have you been a member of PUSH Buffalo? SD: For 1 year 3.Why did members of PUSH Buffalo go to Columbus Ohio? SD: We went to the Showdown in Ohio to the front gates of the JP Morgan Chase Bank headquarters. We assembled with other organizations from across the country under NPA (National People's Action) 4.How many people did PUSH Buffalo take to Columbus? SD: We took 25 people with us. 5.Describe the site of the Columbus action SD: We went to the JP Morgan Chase headquarters, The McCoy office Building. It is the second largest office building in the country, it has 6 different entrances and is surrounded by an 80 yard moat. 6.Why is it important for JP Morgan Chase and other big banks like them help in our national foreclosing crisis? SD: Banks were bailed out with taxpayer money, while at the same time CEOs made millions. Common people who owned homes were forced out of them because of fraudulent loans.