PUSH Buffalo Members Attend NPA Leadership Conference 2012

On March 5 and 6, 2012, members of PUSH Buffalo were in the presence of leaders from around the country. The National People's Action or NPA, held its annual Leadership Conference this year in Washington DC. PUSH Buffalo members Cariol Horn, and George Toledo represented PUSH at this year's conference. NPA is a network of community based organizations from around the country who work feverishly (on local and national stages), to help construct an American society that works for everyone (and not just for those who have the money to buy access to power). Much of PUSH's work in bringing big parasitic entities (like National Fuel gas, and big banks) down to the layman's level, coincides with our NPA partners. The NPA leadership conference is meant as a forum where NPA member organizations (such as PUSH Buffalo) can share their individual victories from the past year with each other. NPA requests that the various member organizations send a couple of members who have been highly active in their organizations work to this conference. The total number of delegates (from around the nation) each year is usually somewhere around 100 people. Cariol and George shared with leaders from other organizations the work that PUSH Buffalo has been doing. Cariol and George also learned what other progressive groups are doing, and have done in their perspective communities. NPA, as well as PUSH Buffalo believes that this process of victory/idea sharing makes everyone involved in the confrontation against corporate power stronger. It's almost like that 1980's cartoon Voltron (or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), each NPA member organization forms an important part of the warriors body. So Voltron without his head, an arm, or his blazing sword would be much prone to defeat by the ro-beast (in this case corporate power).