PUSH Buffalo & The Showdown in Ohio

On May 16th and 17th 2011 Robin Hood and his merry band of men stormed the castle walls of the Sheriff of Nottingham. They fought their way through the first regiment of the Sheriff's soldiers and crossed a dangerous moat to the drawbridge of the Sheriff's hideout. The purpose of their campaign was to let the Sheriff know that the commoners had enough and that they weren't going to take his unfair rule anymore. No this scenario was no scene from the Howard Pyle book, but modern day heroes and heroines embracing that spirit. This was a modern day adaptation starring members of PUSH Buffalo along with members of other community minded organizations across America as Robin Hood and JP Morgan Chase Bank as the Sheriff of Nottingham. The hard working people of America made homeless by this banking crisis starred as the commoners. Instead of Nottingham the scene of the story was Columbus Ohio. The JP Morgan Chase headquarters is the McCoy office building, the second largest office building in the world per square foot which is actually surrounded by a moat. Dubbed the Showdown in Ohio protesters banded together outside the world headquarters of JP Morgan Chase Bank in Columbus Ohio to express their displeasure with the banking and foreclosure crisis in this country. PUSH Buffalo members Terry Richard, Dorian Gaskin and Bob Cook were part of the contingent of protesters who were able to get into the inside of the Bank's headquarters holding court for 10 minutes before soldiers were able to close off the gates. The protest of about 800 commoners was organized by NPA (National People's Action) and The New Bottom Line a coalition of community minded groups and organizations from across America. For a Flicker slide show the Showdown please click here Showdown in Ohio