PUSH Doesn't Do It Alone

Thankfully, no non-profit is an island and here at PUSH, we're surrounded by dynamic and exciting organizations who share our commitment to social justice. Below is a list and some links to the organizations we do coalition work with: Partnership for the Public Good The PPG is a regional think-and-do tank. It produces high-quality research on economic justice and sustainable development issues affecting Western New York. PPG believes that Buffalo's future lies in developing its people, reforming institutions to make them more responsive to everyday Buffalonians and building on our beautiful assets, such as our historic neighborhoods and waterfront. National Training and Information Center The NTIC is a national coalition doing anti-poverty organizing in cities across the country. NTIC sponsors the annual National Peoples Action in Washington D.C. The Empire State Housing Alliance is a coalition of New York housing groups advocating for a Housing Trust Fund that would help to rebuild our neighborhoods. Center for Community Change The CCC is our technical assistance provider and a national network of anti-poverty and economic justice groups. VOICE Buffalo/THRUWAY ALLIANCE The New York Thruway Alliance (NYTA) is an alliance of four congregation-based organizations throughout the upstate region. Member organizations are based in Albany (ARISE), Syracuse (ACTS), Buffalo (Voice-Buffalo) and Niagara County (NOAH), and are dedicated to a broad upstate revitalization agenda, especially reviving impoverished neighborhoods in struggling upstate metro regions. BUFFALO APOLLO ALLIANCE The Buffalo Apollo Alliance is a coalition of business, labor, environmental, and community leaders working to catalyze a clean energy revolution that benefits all of Buffalo and Erie County. GREEN JOBS, GREEN HOMES NY The Green Jobs/Green Homes NY campaign is creating New York State policy to combat climate change, save people on energy costs, make housing more affordable and shape a “green economy” with jobs for those who most need them. Our platform calls for an ambitious state program to perform energy efficiency retrofits on one million homes in five years – leading the way for other states.