PUSH Goes to D.C. to Realize the Promise

This past Thursday, 10 PUSH members traveled to the Hilton Hotel in our nation's capital to participate in Center for Community Change and the Gamaliel Foundation's "Realizing the Promise" community forum with over 2,000 community organizers and leaders. With a focus on healthcare and immigration reform, the voice of the people was heard loud and clear as a palpable energy soared across the hotel ballroom. Meant as a follow-up to the Community Values forum held in Iowa during the heart of the campaign season, "Realizing the Promise" was aimed to hold the new President-Elect Obama accountable for promises made to hardworking families across the nation. Notable speakers included, heads of various community organizations nationwide, several congresspersons as well as Melody Barnes and Valerie Jarrett, members of the Obama-Biden transition team. PUSH was excited to take part in such a powerful national event and looks forward to working with local, state, and federal partners to make real concrete changes in the lives of hardworking people.