PUSH is Fighting to Help 'Save the American Dream'!

You all might have heard that there's a financial crisis going on in the country: millions of unemployed, millions in foreclosure, billions being spent left and right to keep the economy afloat. Sounds terrible, right? Unfortunately, Wall St. didn't get the memo. The big investment banks that got the country in this mess are using bailout money to give away BILLIONS IN BONUSES to corporate fat cats! This week we found out $18.4 billion is going to be handed out . Well, when we heard about that we were mad as all get out—That's OUR money! To make sure that we let banks and the treasury department know we're mad as hell, our friends at the National level, the National Training and Information Center (NTIC) , started the Save the American Dream campaign (StAD). So, what's the campaign about? - Addressing the foreclosure crisis: suspend all foreclosures until bailout money can be directed to homeowners for help, not to CEOs for big paychecks! - CRA 2.0: expanding the Community Reinvestment Act to address housing and lending discrimination. You might remember PUSH joined NTIC and groups across the country last year to get Big Bank execs to donate their bonuses to help keep families facing foreclosure in their homes. And with hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money on the line, we want to make sure that not a drop goes to pay the jerks who got us in this mess in the first place! Right now we're doing research on who the biggest bad guys are here in Buffalo. When we find out, we'll have to let them know that we want them to fly right or get kicked off the plane! If you want to know more about the campaign and how you can help, give us a call! (Photo credit to NTIC)