PUSH is Headed to the Showdown on Wall St.!

Fed Up with Wall Street & Big Banks? Join the movement. Thursday, April 29, 2010 @ 3p.m. in downtown NYC. Location details TBA! Check out the Showdown in America website for updates from all around the country and join the Facebook Event! The same financial institutions that drove a record foreclosure crisis, sent our economy into a deep recession, and needed billions upon billions in taxpayer bailouts are back to raking in billions in profits and awarding themselves huge paychecks and bonuses. Enough is Enough. Stand Up New York. Tell Wall Street and the Big Banks: * Do your part- fix the state budget crisis * Invest in our communities and our economic recovery: We need jobs now * Fix your foreclosure mess: People must stay in their homes and tenants need good landlords not falling apart foreclosed buildings. * Good Credit not Gouge Credit: No more subprime schemes, crazy credit card interest rates, and predatory products. Get good loans moving again to businesses and our communities Join PUSH members and leaders as we meet our allies at NPA and tell Wall St. that we need some real development in our backyards!