PUSH Joins State Senator Panepinto's $15 Wage Increase Call


"$15? Good Lawd, that's a lot of money!!!!" 

New York State Senator Marc Panepinto was the lone voice of consciousness when he publicly called for a minimum wage increase of $15 for New York State residents recently. The budget process is coming to a close in Albany soon, and it looks like the Senator didn't think that lawmakers were going to act on this very import social/economic justice issue. Naturally we support this and here's what we have to say:

Buffalo, NY–On the floor of the NYS State Senate today in Albany, newly elected Senator Marc Panepinto became the first State Senator to call for raising the NYS minimum wage to $15, saying:

“Income inequality is the number one problem that faces our democracy in this country. Over the last 30 years, the top 1% in this state, in this country, has controlled 95% of the wealth.In Erie County, the living wage is $11.40…so the increase to $9 (slotted for the end of 2015) is nice, but it is not enough.”

PUSH Buffalo strongly supports Panepinto's urgent call for a $15/hr minimum wage.

PUSH Buffalo was founded on principles of racial and economic justice and realizes its mission by advocating for jobs and housing reforms that improve the lives of lower income residents living in our communities.

"Raising the NYS minimum wage to $15 an hour is something that positively underlines our mission on so many levels. It would lift hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers out of poverty overnight, literally. In cities like Buffalo, the need for decent-paying jobs is urgent. Our friends and neighbors can't wait any longer," said Lonnie Barlow, Communications Director of PUSH.

"We've seen what at $15/hr job can do in our communities. We've developed training programs that lead to high-road employment with major construction firms, and paying $15/hr is the standard we expect of our own contractors. If they can do it, so can the fast food and retail giants that rake in billions in profits from our communities," said Aaron Bartley, Executive Director of PUSH.