PUSH Leaders Meet with Federal Officials at NPA's National Leadership Conference

A couple of weeks ago PUSH leaders Terry, Shawn, Rodney and Dorian went down to Washington, DC for the National Leadership Conference. The NLC is organized annually by National People's Action, an awesome national coalition of community organizations like PUSH! Community leaders from across the country attended a series of trainings, planning meetings, and celebrations that prepared us for meetings with federal officials. PUSH participated in several of these meetings: *Rodney told Elizabeth Warren of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about PUSH's work building a green economy in Buffalo and asked for her help getting the banks on board. She committed to visit us in our communities and attend the March NPA Conference! *Dorian told Ben Seigel of the Department of Labor about the green economy PUSH is building in Buffalo because green isn't just a lifestyle...it's about survival! He agreed to check out our work by coming to Buffalo and to help us make connections to other federal departments that can help us with job creation. *Terry told HUD Deputy Secretary Ron Sims about our Green Development Zone and asked for federal funding to support community-based development because people know what they need where they live! He agreed to work with us on implementing a pilot program in Buffalo. Many thanks to NPA and all of its affiliates. We had a lot of fun making new friends, learning about some other issues and getting fired up to reclaim our democracy! For more information about everything we accomplished at the conference, check out NPA's report and more of our pictures!