PUSH Meets the Gov!

Yesterday PUSH members and staff headed to the Buffalo Science Museum to meet Governor Paterson at his 'State of Upstate' address. We were really excited to meet the Governor as we have fought a 2 year battle moving the idea of sustainable neighborhoods from the streets to the capitol. We are looking to collaborate, coordinate, and innovate with the governor's office while looking towards making our sustainable neighborhood a national model. PUSH leaders Maxine and Amy got a chance to tell Gov. Paterson that a green development zone would mean they could erase the stereotype of affordable housing equaling substandard housing. It would also provide an easier pathway for them to get their homes weatherized as they currently both have landlords who are unwilling to help them have greener, healthier homes. When Amy shook hands with Gov. Paterson and asked him to, "Remember PUSH," the Governor said he would! As we know here at PUSH, greening our neighborhood also leads to having jobs right here in our backyards. We need to train community residents to do weatherization and then put them to work! Remember, for us, going green isn't just a lifestyle, it's about survival!