PUSH Presents Park Proposal & Wins City Partnership!

On June 11, 2010, a group of 14 PUSH Buffalo leaders and staff headed down to Buffalo City Hall to further the park conversation. Terry Richard, Nico Walker, Suzanne Montalalou, and Bob Murphy testified on behalf of PUSH's Massachusetts Avenue Healthy Neighborhood Park plan, which nearly 100 West Side residents and architect Kevin Connors directly developed through a series of public meetings. They gave powerful, heartfelt testimonies to an attentive Common Council about why they support the park plan, how the plan was developed, and what it would mean for the community. These PUSH leaders discussed what the park proposal meant to them: Nico wants the skate park, Suzanne is excited about the 3 new entrances and lights, Terry likes the Family Pavilion and improved soccer field, and Bob emphasized the urgent need to make some small but significant progress. Nostalgic memories abounded about the former glory of the park with its swimming pool and bustling activity. These memories gave hope and vision for a future in which the park is once again a place of family fun and community pride. Councilman David Rivera also spoke in support of PUSH and park renovation, adding weight to the residents' words. Ultimately, the Common Council agreed to work with PUSH to make the new park a reality. With the City as a partner, we are one step closer to creating the park YOU designed!