PUSH Starts Cleanup of 397 & 398 Massachusetts

Last week, PUSH began cleaning out its two newly acquired properties, 397 and 398 Massachusetts. There was a lot to do especially as 398 Mass. hadn't been used in over 30 years. It was at one time a wallpaper store and many of its supplies still faithfully lined the shelves of the store. With PUSH staffers and volunteers working hard, we got most of what we needed cleared out. Notable finds included an appointment book from the 1930s, various old political lawn signs and peculiar novels with fun titles, including, "The Microbe Hunters." There was also a sewing machine, chairs, and a 15 foot white pine bar. In other words, a lot of stuff! PUSH is thrilled to take the first step in the rehabilitation process of these two important properties on the West Side. House by house, with hard work by real people, we're making PUSH's presence felt. This is what change actually is- real concrete improvements in people's lives!