PUSH to City: Our Neighborhoods Won't Wait!

This past Tuesday, 50 PUSH members and supporters gathered at 288 Hudson, a City-owned abandoned property, to let the Mayor and City of Buffalo know that Buffalo's turnaround starts with its people. With our anti-poverty platform front and center, we said loud and clear that when we care about our city we put people first and to ignore our solutions is disrespect. The action highlighted the plight of Amanda Mulrain and Steven Connors, two local residents who have been attempting to purchase the property at 288 Hudson over the course of two months and have been continuously frustrated by the lack of cooperation from the City. At the action, Amanda and Steven were able to tell their story against a spectacular visual of PUSH members holding green rehab "violation" signs in a wall in front of 288 Hudson. PUSH member Jennifer Mecozzi also spoke, letting the City know the planks of our platform and reminding the city in light of the revelations of its mismanagement of HUD money, "taking money meant for low income neighborhoods and putting it into luxury housing is basically stealing from us." A recent Atrvoice article revealed $6 Million of CDBG funds meant for struggling communities went right into downtown loft construction. In addition, the PUSH Players performed a skit titled "CitizenStat" in an effort to highlight the Mayor's infatuation with big ticket pie in the sky development over direct neighborhood investment. Our jobs and housing campaign is focused on turning city owned abandoned property into decent housing and jobs for the neighborhood. $4.5 Billion of phony downtown development and the Mayor's misleading math doesn't help people struggling to make ends meet. PUSH would like to thank everyone who came out in support of the action and wants to let the City know that REAL PEOPLE have REAL POWER.