Raymond Jackson mural painting recap

Raymond Jackson wasn’t just the voice on the other end of the phone he was a man that enjoyed every second of life. To many of you who knew or may have received a call from Ray or “Ray Cat” (as he was called by his closest friends), in the winter of 2011 Raymond Jackson went on to a better place. On Saturday September 3, 2011 PUSH Buffalo immortalized his life and memory with the dedication of a mural painting. The mural is in the likeness of Ray with him having angel’s wings seemingly in heaven looking down upon all of us. PUSH Buffalo celebrated Mr. Jackson’s life the way he would have wanted it to be with music, food, family, and community. Ray Jackson next to Aaron Bartley and Eric Walker was one of the founding pillars of PUSH Buffalo. Many will probably remember him as the “voice of PUSH” as he would often refer to himself. Ray amongst his other duties handled the phones for PUSH Buffalo since the organization’s founding about 6 years ago. Many in the community would hear his voice when receiving a call about the next PUSH Buffalo event or action coming up. His voice was immediately recognizable when one heard it at the other end of the line as many people would come to PUSH events just because of his warm friendly demeanor. Ray was also one of the earliest street canvassers for PUSH Buffalo, and went on many of the organization’s actions in and out of town. He was instrumental in helping the community based organization grow into what it is today. Mr. Jackson leaves behind a wife, two daughters, and many wonderful grandchildren whom he loved with all of his heart. He was a strong friendly man that never showed his emotions, liked to play video games, watch sports, took care of his family and who loved his community. He will be missed but never forgotten. We love you Ray…..Peaceful Journey. (Ray Jackson’s Mural is located at the corner of 15th & W. Utica Streets on Buffalo’s West Side behind the PUSH Buffalo garden: SPECIAL THANKS TO “RISK” THE ARTIST COMMISONED TO DO THE MURAL)