Rep. Brian Higgins Meets with PUSH

Rep. Brian Higgins paid a visit to the PUSH office and 129 Chenango today in an effort to learn more about who PUSH is and what we do. After PUSH members helped explain PUSH's message and mission, Rep. Higgins answered questions we had regarding several different topics, particularly his bill currently in the House, HR 3498 the Neighborhood Reclamation and Revitalization Program Act, which would support demolition of vacant and abandoned properties. PUSH members were on hand to explain the necessity of concentrated, strategic rehabilitation in our neighborhoods occurring in concert with strategic demolition, and the necessity of adding job creation to the equation so the cycle of joblessness and housing degradation grinds to a halt. PUSH members stressed the example of our Anti-Poverty Platform, which calls for 100 rehabs citywide and 400 weatherized homes this year as well as having 50% of the jobs created by the rehab work to go to people in the community. Rep. Higgins then toured 129 Chenango where he met the PUSH crew and listened to several testimonials from the workers about the benefits of being on the crew and the necessity for financial means so they can continue working and not end up back on the street. PUSH is grateful for Rep. Higgins' time and looks forward to a prosperous working relationship in the near future.