PUSH Buffalo Annual Filing (990 Form)

PUSH Annual Filing

Community Resources:

Community Voices Heard

Community Voices Heard is a member organization of low-income people, predominantly women, with experience on welfare, building power in New York City and in New York State to improve the lives of our families and communities.

Make the Road by Walking

Make the Road New York (MRNY)* builds the power of Latino and working class communities to achieve dignity and justice through organizing, policy innovation, transformative education, and survival services.

Miami Workers Center and Low-income Families Fighting Together (LIFFT)

We are an organization of mothers, fathers, workers, residents, and people who are trying to survive in Miami. We work low-wage jobs and live on small or fixed-incomes. We are fighting for opportunity, equality, respect, and power within our communities. We aim to keep the politicians honest, the government fair and to stop corporations from putting their greed before our needs. We do this by organizing and uniting to become effective leaders.

National Training and Information Center (NTIC)

The National Training and Information Center (NTIC) was founded in Chicago, IL in 1972 as a national policy, research, and training center for communities who were tired of seeing their neighborhoods torn apart by federal housing foreclosures and bank redlining. Founded by Gale Cincotta, a housewife and mother of six, and Shel Trapp, a former Methodist Minister, the work of NTIC grew out of a belief that everyday people are the experts on the challenges they face and that strong neighborhoods form the foundation of a strong country.

Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition

The Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition has a tradition of broad-based, membership driven, social justice community organizing. We build power through relational organizing and issue campaigns that recruit and train individual and institutional members, energize institutions, win concrete victories that improve material conditions for community members, change public and private policies that affect the Northwest Bronx, and alter the relations of power.

The Center for Community Change

Founded in 1968 to honor the life and values of Robert F. Kennedy, the Center for Community Change is one of the longest-standing champions for low-income people and communities of color. The Center works to strengthen, connect and mobilize grassroots groups to enhance their leadership, voice and power.

Tenants and Workers United (TWU)

Based in Alexandria, Va., with a satellite office in the Culmore area of Fairfax County, Tenants and Workers United (formerly known as the Tenants’ and Workers’ Support Committee) is the largest member-based, low-income community organization in Northern Virginia. It is one of a small number of social change organizations comprised of multi-national immigrants and African Americans in the South.

Public Policy Resources:

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