Showdown in Chicago!: Reclaiming America

This past weekend 20 West Siders headed to the Showdown in Chicago, the biggest mobilization of hardworking Americans since the financial meltdown and the bailout. Organized by our partner, National People's Action, demonstrations targeted the American Bankers Association, Goldman Sachs and the Wells Fargo lobby. Thousands of people came together from all across the country to demand sensible regulation of the financial industry and an end to obscene bonuses in this time of crisis. PUSH leaders and staff joined members of other affiliate organizations to play key rolls in keeping the actions safe and fun as a van load came up early to receive 'marshal' training to keep discipline tight. For more pics, check out our Flickr Page! PUSH wholeheartedly supports the goals of increased financial regulation, modernization of the Community Reinvestment Act and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, and holding big banks accountable for their actions with taxpayer dollars!