Texting Campaign on Park Extension Ends Soon

When it comes to turning our neighborhoods around, we're all in this together. 

We've been going door to door spreading the news about 2 lots adjacent to the Massachusetts Avenue Park in the Green Development Zone on Buffalo's West Side. We've been asking folks to give us ideas about what to do with these 2 lots that will be involved in an extension to this park. We need no introductions when it comes to the recent history of our involvement with helping to bring this community asset back to life. We stepped up with community members a few years ago, rolled the dice, and won with the revitalization of the park. We want to continue this winning streak.   

Tomorrow is the last day we'll be accepting feedback for our texting campaign about what community residents want to see done with a new proposed Mass Ave Park extension. Time Warner Cable Buffalo recently covered this campaign. There are 2 adjacent lots next to the park and we want to know your ideas about what to do with them. There's still time to text in your ideas before tomorrow's Community Development Committee meeting when we'll discuss some next steps. Send us your ideas by texting "PUSH" to 877-877.