The BOE & A Game Of Musical Chairs


By Francis White 

Have you ever played musical chairs? Apparently this is one of the Buffalo Board of Education's (BOE) favorite games.

"When we show up BIG numbers people listen" this is one of PUSH Buffalo's tenets and this will be put into practice tomorrow afternoon at 5:30PM inside room 801 in Buffalo NY's City Hall or was it the Council Chambers on the 13th floor, or the First Niagara Center, in the Secret Garden, or in El Dorado, or maybe it was over the rainbow and through woods - all hell I can't remember where it's supposed to be. But, it looks like the Board doesn't know either.

The community has rallied and come together in the last month or so around the proposed closings of some schools in Buffalo. Citizen Action of Western New York has helped to get the word out about the situation. There has been a few events and more are planned like tomorrow's (Wednesday November 19th, 2014) PACK THE BOARDROOM event at Buffalo City Hall inside Room 801 which starts at 5:30PM.

One of the things about organizing is that you can usually tell when your target is starting to sweat, even if it's just a little bit. In the course of a few hours this meeting that was originally planned to be held inside the BOE room (room 801) at City Hall, but then moved to Buffalo Common Council Chambers, but then moved back again to the smaller BOE Board Room is an example of what happens when you start to sweat.

For those just checking into this issueLafayette H.S., Bennett H.S., Martin Luther King Jr. Multicultural Institute, and East H.S. are schools that have been targeted by the BOE for possible closing. This decision like a lot of them that have to do with public education, were made behind our backs. They were probably made when you and I were out working hard trying to make a living for our families. While we work hard others are working even harder to undermine us. We work and "do the right thing" and they sneakily horde and siphon resources that our children and communities desperately need, resources like our schools.

Apparently some folks don't get it. Take for instance a recent letter to the editor from BOE member General Paladino. You can read it here. But, don't be surprised, evil never sleeps and neither should we. We'll see you at tomorrow's event, let's PACK THE BOARDROOM!!!!