The Liberty Partnership Program and PUSH Buffalo: Rodney Lee

Rodney Lee interned at PUSH through the Liberty Partnership Program at the University at Buffalo during the summer of 2012. The following are Lee’s reflections of his time at PUSH.

PUSH Buffalo is a non-profit organization that fights for sustainable housing for low-income families on Buffalo’s West Side. They fight to better and bring West Side community residents and homeowners together.

When I first started interning with PUSH everyone welcomed me with warm, open arms. During my time working with PUSH I went on many tours and got to meet a lot of new and interesting people. Sara Gordon, PUSH community organizer, one of my supervisors was very nice and fun to be around. Sara showed me what her job as a Community Organizer looked like and how her work as an organizer truly helped PUSH:

Britney McClain, PUSH development director, took me on tours of PUSH’s Green Development Zone where she showed me the houses they are working on and all of the beautiful community gardens that have been created to help bring the neighborhood together.

I have learned many amazing things during my internship at PUSH. One of the things that I learned the most about dealt with an issue called fracking. Fracking is when people – mainly large gas and energy companies – dig into the earth’s crust and blast water and other material into the ground to get gas. Fracking is bad because it contaminates the water we drink.

Gas companies ignore the fact that fracking contaminates our water and wind up doing nothing about it. So, PUSH took it upon themselves to set up a meeting with National Fuel CEO, David Smith, to address this problem. To date, Smith has refused to meet with them.

As I leave PUSH, I will take all of the knowledge about the world and what’s shaping in it with me as I move into the future.

Thanks PUSH!

This is Rodney and I LOVE PUSH!!!!!!!!!