The National Fuel Accountability Coalition (NFAC) files a foil request for Conservation Incentive Pr

The National Fuel Accountability Coalition (NFAC) last month filed a freedom of information law (foil) request for data on how National Fuel Gas (NFG) executives spend our Conservation Incentive Program (CIP) dollars. The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) which is charged with regulating utility companies in our State responded that the information requested will be available to the public on July 7th 2011. The problem with this is that the information will come 1 day after the scheduled public hearing on CIP reform in the city of Buffalo which takes place July 6th. This episode reaffirms the public's call for more transparency in the CIP. PUSH Buffalo is apart of the NFAC and has been instrumental in building up public focus of the issue of energy efficiency program reform in New York State. The NFAC wants the CIP to be facilitated by State agencies with better track records in administering energy efficiency programs. These agencies would include NYSERDA which oversees the State's Green Jobs NY/Green NY and Empower NY programs. Three NFG executives were in the top 9 of highest paid corporate officers in Western New York after the recession last year. NFG head David Smith (who is atop the list) alone made over $7 million dollars last year. Behind the scenes NFG executives live a life of luxury while hard working families in New York suffer the cold winters. It is imperative that NFG customers have all pertinent information regarding how their money is being spent by NFG before the public hearing on July 6th. It is time for the games to end as the only losers in this dangerous game will be the public and energy efficiency reform in the State of New York. Power concedes nothing without a fight and a fight we will give them. The NFAC will release a proposal on CIP reform before the July 6th Public hearing in Buffalo. Stay tuned for further developments.