The Paladino Problem - New Video & Part I of Report on An Old Problem


By Francis White 

The Public Accountability Initiative (PAI) just released a new report on an old problem. This is a fancier way of saying "it's time for this dude to go."


The report is good and detailed though. It will be released in parts and you can read the full part I here

Here's a clip from the report:

"Despite these views, Paladino continues to enjoy considerable influence in Buffalo. He is one of the city’s wealthiest developers, with personal wealth of $150 million and a real estate empire worth $500 million, according to a New York Times estimate from 2010. He is one of the region’s highest profile media figures. He is a significant beneficiary of government subsidies and leases, and one of the region’s most prolific political donors. And in 2013, he won a seat on the Buffalo school board, a frequent target of his criticism."


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