They Heard Us!

2/15/08- On Feb. 7th, 27 PUSH members assembled at Waterfront Elementary School to take part in the public hearing on the Community Development Block Grant program. The attendance of 27 PUSH members was unexpected as we made up about 75% of the audience. PUSH signed up to speak and we put on a skit which sent up the Control Board and Brown Administration, complete with truth serum and a giant copy of PUSH's anti-poverty platform. The skit pointed out the city's lack of addressing poverty in a comprehensive, target way, while pointing the way towards the PUSH Anti-Poverty Platform as an example of specific, numeric, achievable goals. After the skit, several PUSH members gave testimonials containing personal anecdotes and reflections on conditions on the West Side. They called for the city to use the HUD money in an effective, comprehensive way to combat poverty and stimulate job growth on the West Side. All in all, a definite success.