Tomorrow is 4/20, Legalize It


So tomorrow is 4/20 or April 20th. What is 4/20? It’s a date that in North America has come to symbolize the modern version of an old problem – the cannabis version of Prohibition.

Today (if you’re 21 and over) you can walk into any 7-11 and get an ice cold Bud, a Labatt, or a Coors light. This wasn’t always the case. As some of us may know from history, or from watching Boardwalk Empire on HBO, Prohibition was a time in American history when alcohol was illegal. The illegality of alcohol in some cases – such as in the city of Milwaukee destroyed whole economies, and in others created a deadly underground economy. Today after all of that – decades of economic hardships and hundreds of dead bodies later, alcohol has been legalized and brought under government regulation.

So tomorrow is 4/20 or April 20th and the legalization of cannabis which is a relatively harmless drug has so many positive reverberations.

We’re working with a statewide group called Compassionate Care NY. They’ve been working on the benefits of the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes and there are many in New York who would agree with them. Cannabis for medical use has been made law in 18 states already. And, there are physicians and medical professionals coming to this same conclusion seemingly on a daily basis.


VOCAL NY down in New York City has been working on something called Stop and Frisk. It’s when the possession of very small amounts of cannabis leads to a high number of unnecessary arrests. This phenomenon has been primarily used in inner city lower income neighborhoods throughout the state. This makes this a civil rights issue as most of those affected are of Black American and Hispanic ethnic background.


Above all of this, regulated legalization of cannabis saves taxpayers millions of dollars per year in unnecessary court and criminal justice system proceedings for multiple arrests of possession of small amounts of what most people will agree is a harmless drug.

In Buffalo there is movement underway to right these wrongs. There is an event planned for tomorrow for the passage of The Buffalo Marijuana Act. There is also a corresponding online petition going around. The organizers of this are asking for 3 things:

1. The legalization for medical marijuana
2. Lowest Police Priority and decriminalization for under 35 grams (Up from 25 grams in NYS)
3. The right to grow industrial hemp

The event starts at 12 noon and goes until 6pm. Happy 4/20 everybody, we just thought you should know.