Under The Radar - A New Sheriff In Town

There’s a new sheriff in town and from the way he’s been coming out swinging (or slanging) lately, he ain’t playin. His name is Sheriff (or New York State Attorney General) Schneiderman.


By Francis White 

He made a stop in Buffalo NY today. He’s been touring around the state of New York recently to promote his "The End New York Corruption Now Act." This is a new bill that if passed could be a new weapon (or six shooter) that would have as one of its bullets some campaign finance reform measures.

People like to always talk about taking the politics out of the political process, but because of the nature of that beast, it’s been long designated as an impossibility. You can hardly blame people for giving up on this fight because some folks have been engaged in corruption so long, that they’ve become nonchalant about it. It’s almost as if they don’t really care about hiding their wrong doings anymore because they believe that the public has given up. But, after a while even the most non-confrontational people get tired of being bullied by bullies. Maybe the momentum generated from the recent investigation/raid by the FBI, State Attorney General’s office, and the NYS Police at the homes of 3 long time Buffalo area political operatives is cause to have hope. It lets us know, as they say in the streets that anyone can be touched.

All politics is local. The corruption that happens in Buffalo is just a microcosm of what’s happening at the state level. The problem with corruption in politics is that in a society and life that’s already stressful and full of obstacles – it affects regular folks just trying to get on with their lives. Everyone wants to believe that life should be easy and care free, but it’s not. Most folks spend a lot of time working to help raise their families so they aren’t politically aware, and don’t understand the corruption that happens right in their own back yard and flies under the radar. That ain’t right!!!!

Is Schneiderman’s new reform agenda the big bang against corruption we’ve all been waiting for? Only time will tell, but at least it’s a nod that someone in power is taking the initiative to tell those who aren’t acting in the people’s best interest to “get out of town.”