Under The Radar - Bill's Coach Joins Dark Side of Force


By Francis White

So Donald Trump, I assume you all know who that guy is and what he stands for, brought a show to my city a couple days ago.

The show wasn't a problem, but it was who the show brought out that raised my eyebrows when I saw the reports. Of course Carl Paladino, a local official who has gone on public record with hate filled rants and ideas was at the show. I was also told that there were also some other folks there too. But, the show stopper was when Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan came up to the podium to introduce and basically corroborate Trump's racism, and hate before the entire city of Buffalo NY. I guess Tom Brady, Robert Kraft, and Rex Ryan having something in common after all.


Terry and Kim Pegula are the owners of the Buffalo Bills organization and the Buffalo Sabres (the Buffalo NHL Hockey team). They have been promoting this idea of "One Buffalo." "One Team; One Goal; One Community; One Family; One Buffalo!" as the One Buffalo Twitter account says. I don't know if they support hatred. Maybe they think their fan base is one that is mostly supportive of hatred, bigotry, sexism, racism, and discrimination. If that's the case then maybe they don't think anything big of Ryan joining the dark side of the force with Brady and Kraft. The Pegula's ideas around a "One Buffalo" seem shallow and contrived if there is no conversation with the larger community, or community outreach on their part to clarify the organization's stance on hatred, bigotry, sexism, racism, and discrimination. Free speech is free speech and I respect that, but to an organization that has received millions of dollars in public subsidies and other tax payer funded items, I think some type of accountability is in order. I think that a community wide discourse and explanation of what their values really are is something that should happen immediately.  

Now Rex is a grown man and he is entitled to his ideas of self expression and freedom of speech, but all I could think about was what would Marv Levy think? Marv was the former head coach of the Buffalo Bills who was there during the Bills' four year Super Bowl run in the 1990's. Would he be saying "Where else would you rather be, than right here, right now" about this current Bills organization?