Under The Radar - 500 Year Old Buffalo Prophecies Revealed


By Francis White

The strangest things keep happening to me and 2016 has started off for me in a very uncanny, but exciting fashion.

I got a call shortly after the first of the year from someone I know at the Buffalo Historical Society who runs the local Buffalo History Museum. It appears that the niece of an elderly African American woman who owns a very old home on the city’s east side has found a mysterious and vintage looking lock box. Inside it was a rare manuscript which the Historical Society has had carbon dated. This mysterious manuscript dates back to the time of Nostradamus (the now famous French seer), sometime around the late 1400’’s – early 1500’s. They wanted me to be on a team of people to preserve and translate it. I immediately jumped at the chance.

This team consists of historians, people who speak and write in several languages, some professors, mathematicians, physicists, quantum physicists, and a team of students from Buffalo State University’s Art Preservation Department. Since then, we have preserved a great deal of the manuscript which was written on some type of French papyrus common during that time. How and when it got to Buffalo is a something we don’t know at this time, but we have been interviewing the family of the woman who owns the home and checking all records that we can obtain related to the history of the house we found it in. We have discovered that the manuscript runs several hundred pages, and is written in a combination of French, Aramaic, and some type of Egyptian or Sumerian pictograph. We have been unsuccessful so far in identifying who the author or authors are of this extraordinarily rare work.

It appears that the book is about future events in the city of Buffalo NY. How do we know this? Here is a little bit of what we translated so far from the manuscript’s opening (keep in mind that this was written or compiled most likely by a French source at a time when this North American city was not yet founded); “The telling of these writings are for a city and time in the near distant future, in a new l and, a new world. This city sits on the north eastern edge of 5 great fresh water lakes and this city is named after a woolly headed bull.” Now if that doesn’t sound like Buffalo NY, I don’t what other city this author could be talking about.

I am proud to be a part of this effort and I will reveal a little bit of some of what we’ve translated in future blog posts until we are able to publish the full text in a book for public consumption. For now we are calling this book “The Buffalo Prophecies” and we are dubbing the unknown author “Buffadamus”.
Here is what I have now, and although written metaphorically, I could not help but notice some of the descriptions of things that are now happening before our eyes.

“And in those times a giant light dark cloud hovered over the city and its environs. It was recovering from a 100 year loss of finances and talents, and the deaths of their greatest gladiators during the biggest fights in their coliseums. There will be home displacements and rumors of home displacements. There will be monies and talents poured into new establishments and businesses, but most of this will benefit the nobles and their house servants. The governors of the city will find entertainment in funding deadly, feudalistic contests pitting one businessman or businesswoman against another, having already determined the contest’s outcome. Some will say love, but this love will only be for the elect of the governors. The people will be fallen victims to every wind of doctrine and into trends like the worship of false idols and the ghosts of talking heads.”

Deep stuff, it turns out that there is what looks like several chapters about love in this manuscript, incredible!!! I’ll share more soon.