Under The Radar - Buffalo Refugees Not Wanted


By Francis White 

So some people are upset because the price of French fries has gone up, they won’t be able to get tickets to the Tour De France or tickets to the French Open, and all of it is the Syrian people’s fault.

Whatever your view of the “who did it and why they did it” aspect of the French terror/serial murder attacks that happened this month, there’s no denying that it was a terrible thing that happened. My deepest concerns go out to the French people and the loved ones of any who died in the tragedy.

People like Erie County legislator Joseph Lorigo have been very vocal about recent news (which happened previous to the French attacks) that the Buffalo NY area would be receiving an influx of Syrian refugees. That is his right as a county lawmaker to voice his concerns over issues that he thinks would adversely affect his constituents. Lorigo is sponsoring legislation that is expected to get voted on this Thursday (that’s tomorrow) November 19th by the Erie County Legislature calling for a public resolution on accepting additional refugees into the Buffalo area.

Buffalo has seen its status as a refugee resettlement community here in the US increase in the past 5 to 10 years. Whatever one’s opinion may be, I think that most people who interact with them on a regular basis will say that the actual results have overall been good for the community. In a rust belt economy bleeding people, money, jobs, and ideas many see the newly arriving refugees as a resource to help rebuild a dying region. To be honest, many of these refugees come from places that have experienced war and turmoil as a result of meddling and/or influence by Western interests


History says that most of us living on this continent are living on borrowed land and possibly living on borrowed time. History says that this land is home to natives, thieves, murderers, patriots, some people who were brought here against their will, people who came here because they had no other choice, immigrants, refugees, and refugees of a by gone era. Nobody who came to this land really got here by playing by the rules, and in one of the wealthiest and wasteful nations in the world, there is plenty here for a lot of people.

Organizers are planning a rally and press event outside Erie County chambers starting at 1pm and going until about 3pm. I know there are many things happening tomorrow like the Bank Shame Campaign Hearing up the street at Buffalo city hall which goes from 1:30pm-4pm, but if you can try to fit both these important community organized endeavors into your schedule. Here’s a link to the refugee rally info.