Under The Radar - Conflict Resolution at the Grass Roots Level


By Francis White  

One of the main reasons that I write Under The Radar is to expose the reader to news that they may not necessarily read in main stream media. It's with this precept in mind that I share the following. I often come comb through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and whoever else for interesting information and news from the underground. I've been checking out this guy Lonnie Barlow who's from Buffalo. He shares a daily motivational post everyday that's pretty cool. It motivates me and I'm sure it will motivate you. I advise you all to check him out and to add him, or start following him. It definitely motivates me. And, he also shares some of his experiences, and other interesting things. He wrote something this morning that I thought was very interesting, and that people who live in Buffalo NY or anywhere else for that matter should check out.

We often hear on the news about how certain groups of people are, or about how they behave. He tells a story of street conflict resolution that I'm sure is the rule and not the exception in communities across America. I'll let him tell it in his own words.

"Reality check. I wanna share this with you. I wasn't the most shoot em up, bang bang dude growing up, but I come from a certain environment. I had a little adventure Labor Day evening that reminded me of this. Me and my entourage had to take a trip from one hood to another to get some supplies. We had to drive through a couple different hoods to reach our destination. Upon reaching our destination there were some youth gathered on, and who lived on that block. They weren't doing anything wrong they had just finished having a cook out. The individual in our entourage who came to talk to someone who lived there got out the car and was talking to that individual. Everything is cool. All of a sudden there is an escalation of tone of voice from one of the other individuals in the group. As the two or three of us who were looking on from inside the car at what was unfolding watch, we realize that this verbal fury was directed at our friend. Keep in mind that there is about 10 people out there. We were prepared to intervene, but no sooner than we were, the leader or the person who appeared to be, rallied the group a distance back, except for the 2 potential combatants. He was going to let them "throw the fair one" as we say in the hood. This means that the 2 people who have a problem with each other, box one on one to get the issue out of their system without any unnecessary group violence. After realizing what was really unfolding I advised our group to fall back and let it be. I and the other people realized that they were just "jeffin" around. Nobody wanted any physical altercation, both cats just felt disrespected and wanted it to be known that they didn't like what was said to each other. The leader and others came over to the car and they introduced themselves and we gave each other pounds and hugs. This is a story you probably won't see on channel 2,3,4,7 or read in the Buffalo News, just here at ‪#‎BuffaloForRealForReal‬ ‪#‎BuffaloNY‬ "