Under The Radar - Down With #TPP?


By Francis White 

Remember the Free Trade Agreement from the 1990's and how much that helped the American economy? We'll it's back in a rerun called the Trans Pacific Partnership

I won't do all the talking on this one, I'll turn it over to some of the people who have been working on this and gathering information about what this means for people like you and me. 

From Open Media

Right now, Congress is moving forward on legislation that would allow the government to Fast Track the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and it’s extreme Internet censorship plan without any scrutiny of what’s in the agreement.

Why? Because if Americans knew that the TPP would make their Internet more expensive, censored, and policed, they’d hate it.

This is why we need to take a stand for full transparency. Tell President Obama: Make the full text of the secretive TPP public today.

From day one, the TPP negotiations have been shrouded in secrecy. The public has been kept in the dark about its contents. And what little we know comes from leaked texts.{1}

And here’s what those leaked documents told us: the TPP has the power to make our Internet access more expensive, to implement rules that would censor links and websites, to stifle the public domain and threaten online freedoms across the board.{2}

That’s why we’ve partnered with our friends at CREDO to raise a loud call now, before the government gets the tools it needs to ‘fast track’ this agreement.

Send a strong message today: secrecy is no way to do business in a democracy. Make the TPP public, NOW, and let’s talk about what’s in it.

As Senator Bernie Sanders has demanded, President Obama’s trade negotiators must “stop operating in the shadows and come clean with details of an agreement."{3}

It’s why he’s insisting we follow the example of the European Union, which has already published the full text of a separate trade agreement with the United States.{4} He’s even called out the media for their lack of coverage on this.{5}

But there’s good news! We’ve already beaten back Fast Track legislation before,6 and now we’re going to make it clear to President Obama that we won’t be letting the TPP past us by without a full public debate.

Join CREDO and OpenMedia in standing with Senator Bernie Sanders and demanding the full release of the TPP text, today.

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