Under The Radar - Introducing Little Nicky


By Francis White

As they say, the devil is in the details. No sooner than I get off the phone with letting Jimmy know what time it is, I look in my inbox, and I've got an email from “Little Nicky.” If you thought Jimmy was a piece of work, you ain’t seen nothing yet – Nicky is a character to the tenth power.


Nicky has been going been around town and buying properties left and right. He’s buying everything but the kitchen sink. From the East to the West Side, from the South to the North side, Nickey’s been all over the place trying to get his hustle on at the expense of the community. There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious, but when ambition leads to megalomaniacal behavior, something’s got to give. Nicky could give a rat’s assets about the people who already live in the neighborhood – the actual community.

Here's that email:

Hey Frankie!!! What’s going on, you crazy joker you?

I’ll tell you my friend, god****, Jesus Christ – the real estate game is like a living hell. We’ll you know that I know all about that, lol. After 10 years of leaving my home in hell to come to New York and run my father’s business, I am happy at what I’ve accomplished. As you know my company “Devil’s Chokehold Holdings” is fronting for Wall Street bankers who want to buy up cheap residential and commercial properties in Buffalo. We darn near got the whole dang town in a choke hold, and they “eeenin know it”, lol. I’m writing to get you on board Frankie. Yeah I know, I know you’ve been getting all buddy, buddy with those low income folks, but the future is inevitable – the real estate prices in this god**** city are going to burn so god**** high, that they’re going to need all the water from Niagara Falls to put it out, lol. Hell, we’ve got Harlem, and Brooklyn rents and real estate prices in a blazing inferno, now it’s time to set Buffalo’s real estate future afire. I know Frankie, you might be thinking “well what about the people who live there?” Lol Frankie, you’re so sentimental, so caring, isn’t that special, lol. Frankie, only the strong survive and I’m one of the strongest right now. The Buffalonians? What about them? What can they do but burn, lol? I know it sounds cold, or hot, depending on how you look at it, but, lol, I can’t help it, it’s in my genes – I’m just stunting like my daddy. You guys got the Great Lakes and we got the Lake of Fire, lol. Fire and ice baby, it’s time to turn up in this town. Join the team Frankie. With you on board, our ability to buy cheap Buffalo properties and “speculate”, that is our ability to let them sit and blight up the neighborhoods or turn them into gated communities or Walmart mini-stores, will increase ten-fold, lol. What do you say Frankie? Don Francino with the Don of hell? We’ll be the biggest act since Pacino and Reeves.

Little Nicky
Devil’s Chokehold Holdings