Under The Radar - McDonalds Says "Too Many Blacks In The Store"


By Francis White 

The more I keep living, the more some things don't surprise me anymore. 

Apparently in Boston and Virginia last year, several workers were fired after they were told by management that “there are too many black people [working] in the store.” As part of the national movement to "raise the wage" or "the fight for fifteen" (raising the minimun wage to $15 per hour for all) the Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ) and others are organizing an event this Friday, Feb. 27th at noon, in the Buffalo NY area to bring attention to the issue. 

From CEJ

"Join CEJ to tell McDonald’s that people in Buffalo won’t tolerate this discrimination and harassment on Friday, February 27 at noon at the McDonald’s on 5316 Main Street, Williamsville, NY.

Willie Betts, who was a cook at the South Boston McDonald’s until he was fired last May, said: “All of a sudden, they let me go, for no other reason than I ‘didn’t fit the profile’ they wanted at the store. I had no idea what they meant by the right profile until I saw everyone else that they fired as well. I worked at McDonald’s for almost five years, I was on time every day at four o’clock in the morning to open the store, and I never had a disciplinary write-up. They took away the only source of income I have to support my family.”

Fast food workers won’t stop until they win $15 an hour, dignity at work, and the right to form a union. Will you join us this Friday, Feb. 27 in standing with fast food workers who are fighting against injustice and for livable wages and fair treatment for all."