Under The Radar - No Pay To Play in New York

By Francis White

{My last conversation with Development Pimping didn’t go well, but that was only because he didn’t have the upper hand. He hit me up again the other day, but he was singing a much different tune. Apparently a couple of his guys got pinched, and he wanted me to pull some strings to help him out. DP is one of the big dogs of the Poverty Pimps, so it was kind of odd hearing him talk this way. But hey? Desperate times call for desperate measures.}

Development Pimping: What’s up Frank? So you’ve probably heard that a few of my guys are getting fingered by the federales. Some of them have been arrested and I can ill afford to have any them getting pinched and spilling the government beans if you know what I mean.

Frank White: Yeah, I heard. But what did you expect? When you play in grease you can’t get mad when you slip and fall. Those guys were swimming in the stuff. They were slipping and sliding for a while until they finally fell. I’m going to keep it straight with you, what do you want from me?

DP: These are good guys who made a couple of mistakes. They didn’t mean it Frank. They were only navigating through a corrupt system the best way they knew how to. They were just taking care of business for their families is all. See if you can make this go away with some of your government contacts at the state and in the feds.  

FW: “A couple of mistakes?” Just “taking care of business?” Lol! So you “navigate through a corrupt system” with more corruption? You “take care of business” with worse business?   

DP: C’mon Frank you know how the game works. This is how it always has been. You have to grease a few palms if you want to get ahead. This is already hurting my operations and my business. And, it’s making us look bad. DiNapoli already had to give back $20,000 in campaign donations. Cuomo is not using money we donated to him. It’s getting out of hand Frank.

FW: Damn right I know how the game works, that’s why I’m working to change it. DiNapoli is right to give the tainted money back, Cuomo should do the same, and so should any other politico silly enough to take dirty, greasy money. There are people living in my neighborhood who don’t get special privileges. None of my people would be able to get away with so much as a liquor store robbery, so why should I help you out with this? They can’t afford that expensive grease, the kind you grease people’s hands with. They need access to funding for quality affordable housing, going green programs, and money for living wage jobs, like the ones in the building trades. There are millions of people in New York who pay taxes that are struggling everyday to survive, with no help in sight. These guys will probably pay a fine or do country club time. Your mini-pimps didn’t think about us when they were concocting these schemes, so right now we can’t think about you. I’m sorry DP, I can’t help you with this one.