Under The Radar - Price Rite Workers Strike Back


By Francis White  

The price is right, or wrong depending on what side of the equation you live on. Organizers in the Buffalo NY area will be converging on a local Price Rite store to remind corporate what people power looks like. There's a rally and speak out for better working conditions at Price Rite planned for tomorrow Thursday, October 15th from 3pm-6pm. It's happening at the Price Rite store located at 250 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, NY. 

From the Coalition for Economic Justice:

"Join us at PriceRite at 250 Elmwood Ave from 3pm-6pm to tell PriceRite that they have to do better.

Irresponsible companies like Price Rite are hurting hard-working families with low wages, a lack of benefits, and inadequate schedules that make it impossible for employees to control their lives or take care of the ones they love. Now more than ever, it is time for companies to do the right thing for our communities.

With 58 stores across eight states Price Rite has a responsibility to do better by its employees. Every day, these dedicated men and women endure low wages, inconsistent scheduling, unpaid sick leave, and multiple other poor employment practices. For the sake of a better Buffalo, this must change.

Working together, we can change Price Rite.

Across Buffalo community leaders are speaking out. Will you join CEJ in telling Price Rite that all hard-working men and women should be able to have a better life with better wages and better benefits?"