Under The Radar - Shoreline Apartments: Almost Phased Out


By Francis White

Remember I was talking about the Shoreline apartments in Buffalo? Well I got a call from Development Pimping, one of the Poverty Pimps. Development Pimping makes his money off of the development pimp game. He finds ways to trick innocent people into displacement so that he can get rich. He often targets low-income and poor people who don't have access to power.
He was calling about the news I heard about. I heard that Shoreline tenants got eviction notices to be out by November, 2016.


DP: I'm finally doing it, I'm throwing all the bums out of the Shoreline apartments. I've teamed up with Norstar Development and we're finally going do it. We can do it now because there's no organizing going on around it, we can get away with murder. It's open season on em Frankie baby, and we're getting over $1 mill in low-income tax payer money to do it. Solid on that pimpin, it'll be like taking candy from a baby. 
Frank: Well it hasn't been approved yet, In wouldn't be so quick to jump to judgement.  

DP: It's a done deal Frank. All these justice types are too busy preoccupied with fighting things like climate change, racial justice, and throwing parties lol. No one is concerned with downtown gentrification, no one cares. We have the perfect cover because no one is looking, doing, or saying anything about it. We've even gotten the Buffalo politicians in on the hustle. They've agreed to give us over $1 mill of low-income tax credits (the people's money) to help make this displacement event possible.


Frank: Like I said, it isn't a done deal yet.

DP: Yes it is Frank, and these ignorant bums have until November to get their butts off our property. Buffalo is making a comeback and we want to have a lighter, cleaner, and more efficient looking downtown when our tourism and bioinformatics industries take off. We want a Buffalo that looks like San Francisco. We want to have safe streets and neighborhoods downtown for the Bills' parade when they and Rex Ryan march through the streets after winning the Super Bowl next year. We can't have that look with the section 8 and working poor saps who live there now.

DP: I'll let you know when the ribbon cutting is Frank. Talk to you later.