Under The Radar - Pre-Approved School Superintendent Says "No Thanks"


By Francis White 

Organizing works.

Many of you who follow us probably don't read the papers, and why should you? They usually don't report about our communities, and when they do the report about us, it is usually done in the self interest of someone from outside the community. But, I thought this was pretty interesting. Thanks to us showing up to the Buffalo Board of Education (BOE) meeting this past Wednesday April 29th in big numbers - there was no appointment of the pre-approved BOE candidate for Superintendent of Schools. Jen Mecozzi of PUSH Buffalo gave a pretty impassioned speech that probably summed up the feelings of many of the folks who came to pack the boardroom. You can check out the story about the pre-picked candidate taking his name out of consideration for Buffalo's next Superintendent of Public Schools here. Here's Jen's speech