Under The Radar - Superintendent Ogilvie's Last Meeting this Weds


By Francis White

This Wednesday (tomorrow Wednesday June 24th) will be current (and interim) Buffalo School Superintendent Ogilivie's last meeting as School Superintendent. What does this mean? It means that somebody's going to be picking Buffalo's next school superintendent, but chances are it won't be me or you. 

From the Buffalo Parent Teacher Organization and Citizen Action of New York: 

"This Wednesday's (June 24th, 2015) BOE (Board of Education) meeting, 5:30 p.m. at City Hall, is shaping up to be an important meeting. It will be Interim Superintendent Ogilvie's last and he will be presenting a plan for the District. The District Comprehensive Improvement Plan and Title I will be discussed, which may result in the release of $25 million dollars in state aid that has been withheld from the District.

The Physical Education Stakeholders group will be urging the BOE to remove the inclusion of an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) from the BTF (Buffalo Teacher's Federation) for a longer school day, so that the District can begin planning to hire up to 48 PE teachers and be in compliance with state regulations.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, there will be discussion on the next Superintendent and the possible appointment of another Interim Superintendent. Mr. Paladino is again attempting to self-select a candidate for Superintendent without following the comprehensive process that the COMMUNITY demanded and the BOE established.

We NEED a PUBLIC presence for this meeting!"

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