Under The Radar - Surprise Surprise, Climate Change Changes Everything


By Francis White 

They say if you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen. When it comes to climate change - if you can't stand the heat, then get off the planet.

I remember when the October surprise ice storm first hit a few years ago in Buffalo NY. I worked the day shift at the time, something like 8am-4pm. It started out as a typical red, orange, and brown Buffalo fall day with some rain - nothing new here. The rain began to come down while I was working, again nothing new here. By the time I was out and on my way home, the rain had turned into an icy slush and the wind picked up a little bit. Again, I thought "nothing new here". When I got to my apartment, and this couldn't have happened at a better time, is when all hell broke loose. I heard a "bam, bam", and then a "boom, boom". The apartment house itself begin to noticeably shake a little, and then a little more. I thought to myself "something wicked this way comes".

What's been coming and is now here is climate change. It doesn't take a meteorologist, a medium or a psychic to see that the worlds weather patterns have been changing. If you lived in this city or any city long enough to know the seasons and weather patterns, then you know that things have been changing. Are they changing for the better? That might be a matter of debate.

What climate change is for those who may not know, is the process of the earth heating up from the use of burning fossil fuels (oil and gas). Let me put it to you like this this; think of the earth as a person - you for example. What happens when you over heat or get too hot? You might pass out, or you may get high blood pressure. You might start breaking out with a heat rash. If you're holding a glass of ice water, the ice in the water will start melting and the excess water from the melted ice may cause there to be more water in the glass. If the glass is almost full in the first place, then the excess water may spill out of the glass. Do you get the picture?

This is a world wide issue that affects everybody, but it has a huge toll on nations that don't have the money to deal with the problem. The U.N. (United Nations) is hosting a climate summit next week (during climate week) on September 23rd in New York City. Many world leaders and heads of various world states will come to discuss in private what they think should be done to fight climate change.   

It will be one of the busiest weeks in the history of organizing without a doubt. There are so many events and side events that are scheduled to happen next week in New York. You can check some of them out here. One event that will stand out is The People's Climate March.

It's being called the "largest climate action in world history". The march is meant to show the world's leaders who'll be in one place at one time to discuss climate change, that the people of the world want a seat at this table. The U.N. summit is not necessarily a bad thing, but the march's organizers don't want to leave the greatest environmental issue facing our generation up to few power brokers in a room.

Bus loads of folks from around the country will be in New York on September 21st for this huge action that is expected to draw thousands. PUSH has filled up a bus and is heading down. The organization has been talking about Energy Democracy. Energy Democracy is an environmental policy that the organization has been spreading through campaigns it has been involved with up here like the National Fuel Campaign (with the National Fuel Accountability Coalition).

We've been acting very badly and our mother is fuming with anger at us right now. We've been playing with matches and nearly burned down the entire house. We've changed everything in our childish behavior, but hopefully the people's insurance policy can cover or mitigate the damages.