Under The Radar - The Big Debate


By Francis White

There's nothing wrong with a little debate every now and then because there's always two sides to every story.

Recently there was a story published in the Buffalo News from columnist Donn Esmonde about the community redevelopment efforts of Joe Galvin on Buffalo's west side. It wasn't a bad article at all because it caught my eye. Esmonde has a writing style that keeps the reader's attention. "There are plenty of blocks where young guys with hollow eyes cluster on street corners or drape across porches of battered, help-me houses" he says. The efforts and sacrifices of Joe Galvin should be commended, and celebrated. The column told one story, from one man's perspective, and from one man's experiences. 

This column prompted west side resident Cynnie Gaasch to write her first letter to the editor in response to Esmonde's column. This also caught my attention. It was a great letter filled with passion and purpose. She told her story, from her perspective, and from her experiences. "And what of the kids he describes as “hollow-eyed,” needing to be “tamed”? I still see their sparkle" she says. Her efforts and sacrifices in making the community a better place should be commended, and celebrated.

The best way to tackle this thing called sustainable community redevelopment in Buffalo NY is to get different stories from the many different types of people that live here, and have been living here. People are different. Our differences arise from things like our cultural upbringing, economic/social status, or maybe our level of education. One person looks at the community and sees one thing, and another person looks at it and sees something else. What do you see?